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Makeup and Styling usually takes approximately 2 hours

One driver/chaperone may stay during makeup and styling, but may be asked to leave during your actual session.  For some Events, driver/chaperone of the opposite sex may not be able to stay for the sake of privacy of our other clients.

Before your session:

Make sure we have your Measurements (Styling Sheet) at least 1-2 weeks before the session and your Release Form filled out any time before the session.

Don't pick at blemishes (I edit out breakouts and discoloration so don't stress about it), avoid any depilatories that may cause skin irritation, make sure brows are neat. 

Arrive with:

Face clean and moisturized

Hair clean and dry. 

(If you would prefer to use your natural hair (ie no wig) you must arrive with it ready to shoot.  Fyi, if you are using your natural hair, headdress options may be limited.)

Neat nails.  Usually natural or color requested by stylist


Wear loose fitting clothing so that there are NO lines on the skin. Do NOT wear socks.

Make sure your top can be easily pulled over your head or unbuttoned

We will have a changing room available.


You will be responsible for bringing a solid colored bra and underwear: usually flesh/nude colored that does not show under clothing, or a color we request based on the wardrobe chosen for your session.

You are welcome to bring Spanks, just let us know beforehand so we can style accordingly

Depending on your size, you may be asked to bring a pair or two of shoes.

Lashes will be provided for you unless otherwise noted.


Since we will already have wardrobe picked out for you session, it is important that you give us accurate measurements.


Above all.... RELAX and have fun! :)


After your session:

Once we've edited your images (time varies, but usually within 2-4 weeks, special events may take 4-8 weeks), you will receive a link to your digital files... where you can view the originals from our session plus your edits! 

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